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Hand built Ukulele's by Rob Collins are superb quality and sound fantastic at very reasonable prices.

If you would like to join the George Formby Society this is the page you need to go to. Also check out the Society shop for all things Ukulele.

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. I played this festival last year and it was a fantastic experience. Get your tickets now.

Learn Ukulele Free, A great Facebook Ukulele group. Designed to help all standards of Ukulele players free of charge. Hosted by me.

Links you might find useful.

A fantastic all round Ukulele site hosted by Barry Maz who also happens to be a very nice chap indeed.

If you want a really good quality Vintage Ukulele/Ukulele Banjo this is the site to have a look at.

 QwikChord 3. This is the software I use on my PC for making my Ukulele chord boxes.


Mike Warren Ukulele Tuition

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